Never Used

(Ref#: 38-01-0025)

Built in 2015 and never put into service
M.A.W.P Shell: 282 PSI @ 417° F
M.A.W.P Tube: 217 PSI @ 417° F
Material Shell: TBA
Material Tube: TBA
M.D.M.T. Shell: -20° F
M.D.M.T. Tube: -20° F
P.W.H.T Shell: No
P.W.H.T Tube: No
Radiography (S/H) Shell: Full
Radiography (S/H) Tube: Full
Effective Surface Area Shell: 666 ft.²
Duty: TBA
Insulated: No
Weight Bundle: Fixed Tube Sheet
ASME “U” Stamp: Yes
CRN: Alberta
National Board #: Yes
Never used and stored in the Alberta

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