(Ref#: 78-02-0001)

Built in 2011 & expanded in 2013
265 Liters per man per day
Six skidded modules
Insulated & heat traced
Used & stored in Canada


The potable water system is designed to handle a variety of low sediment water sources which include ground water, lake water, and river water (under winter conditions only). The potable water system has also been proven to operate under extreme winter conditions, and is heavily insulated to account for these types of conditions.

The plant was originally designed to treat relatively low TDS, sodium, and sulfate concentrations. Any required modifications or additional treatment to the plant to meet the requirements of the authorizing governing body in terms of potable water production, shall be the responsibility of the purchaser. In addition, required permits from the authorizing provincial or territorial governing bodies shall also be the responsibility of the purchaser.

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