Never Used

(Ref#: 79-04-0001)

Built in 2013
Fluenta FGM 160
Model: 16-150-FGM-CS
285 PSIG @ -20 / 100º F
Pipe Size: 16″
Sour Service
45′ of Tranducer Cable
FGM Field Computer CSA
Ultrasonic transducers SS 316/Ti Gr 2
Retractable sensors including:
Transducer holders
CS Ball valves
Fluenta Standard Documentation
Fluenta 16″ CS Fluenta 16″ Spool – Carbon Steel
Spool piece, 16″, Carbon Steel (A106 Gr.B),
Sch STD, length 1,650 mm
with transducer holders and weldolettes for pressure
and temperature transmitters welded on. Including:
100% x -ray, hydro test and CRN.
Fluenta Pressure and Temperature Transmitters
Absolute Pressure & Temperature Transmitters (Rosemount)
Fluenta Frame Fluenta Mounting frame for field computer
Fluenta NDE Non-Destructive Examination
PMI on sensors per data sheet requirments
Never used & stored inside in original crate in Alberta

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